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The Thick Flick is an original op amp design inspired by Flickinger 290-3 mic preamp cards. It can be used in all traditional audio amplifier configurations.


The design is very different from most discrete op amps – it uses two differential pairs for the input and voltage amplification stage, followed by an all NPN output stage. The design is simple and elegant. We cleaned it up a bit, selected modern transistors, and adjusted it for unity gain stability – so you can plug it in anywhere!


We really love it as a mic pre. The top end opens up in a really nice way from the beautiful harmonics it generates.

tech specs

Gain                                                                                           >90 dB DC, >50 dB at 20kHz                 

Input Impedance                                                                        >20 MΩ DC, >3 MΩ at 20kHz

Unity gain bandwidth                                                                 9.4 MHz

Slew Rate                                                                                  2.2 V/μS

Common Mode Rejection Ratio                                                80 dB min.

THD (G = 1, f = 1 kHz, Vo = 3 Vrms RL = 600Ω)                      <0.001%

Headroom (THD<0.01%, f = 1 kHz, RL = 600Ω)                      >24 dBu
Input Voltage Noise density (f = 1 kHz)                                    2.2 nV/√Hz
Current Noise density (f = 1 kHz)                                             0.10 pA/√Hz

Input Noise Voltage (f = 20 Hz to 20 kHz)                                0.32 μVrms
Quiescent Current                                                                    <50 mA at +/-24 VDC supply

Short-circuit output current                                                      80 mA

Power supply voltage                                                               Bipolar, +/-12VDC to +/-24 VDC

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