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tailored for specific needs, designed by engineer craftsmen


our consoles feature custom-designed circuitry, high-quality components, and unique aesthetic elements that set them apart from their mass-produced counterparts

handcrafted consoles offer a blend of craftsmanship and functionality that appeals to a select group within the audio production community

embark on a transformative journey from design to delivery with our bespoke audio recording consoles


elevate your studio experience every step of the way

the process

design to delivery: 8 steps


Initial Appointment

The journey begins with an appointment with Nick.

Here you tell us your needs, desires, ideas.
Our intent is to understand your workflow, layout preferences, module choices, materials, etc...

Deliverable: basic spec sheet.

Duration: This takes place on a call/meeting and can take a few hours or conversations.


Block Diagram and Wireframe

Based on the basic specs, Matt will draw a block diagram illustrating a functional design.
At the same time Fernando creates a basic wireframe or conceptual sketch of the overall console layout.

Deliverable: block diagram and conceptual sketch
Duration: This stage is usually completed in 2 weeks.


Preliminary Engineering Review Appointment

We review the output of Step 02 with you. The block diagram and sketch become a technical spec sheet to develop the detailed engineering.
The configuration is frozen at this point.

Minutes from review appointment, technical spec sheet, budgetary price
Commitment: A
t this stage we require a payment of earnest money of $2,500 to move forward.


Schematics and PCB Layouts

Matt will begin the detailed design of the schematics and PCBs and produce a bill of materials for the electronic components.

Output: Schematics and PCB layouts.
Duration: This stage can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks.


Mechanical Layout

Fernando creates models and drawings for the user interface, faceplates, desk, ergonomics, build concept.
An output of this step are renderings of the design and a bill of materials for mechanical components.


Output: Model and drawings
Duration: This stage can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks.


Final Review Appointment

We meet and run through a full review of the spec sheet, functionality, and design.

Output: The output is approval to enter production.
Commitment: At this point we require a down payment of $7,500 to purchase long lead items and prototyping



1. Order items from bill of materials​

2. Prototyping

3. Build

4. Testing

5. Factory acceptance test at IAA 

6. Asado (Argentinean grill) at IAA

Duration: This stage can take up to 30 weeks.
Commitment: We require payment of 90% of the balance before scheduling delivery.


Delivery and Commissioning

The console is usually driven to its final destination and installed by IAA.

Duration: This process requires minimum 3 days on site.
Commitment: Upon completion we require payment of the final 10%.​


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