A powerful front end tracking solution with three modules in one rack space. 

The input section features a discrete op amp fed by three different modes. In mic input mode it is a classic mic pre using an input transformer and providing up to 64 dB of clear, punchy gain. The mic preamp features switchable phantom power and a 20 dB pad. In line input a second discrete op amp is used as a balanced transformerless input for +4 dBu nominal inputs. It can also be used for a front-panel accessible high impedance instrument input. Phase and mute are available for all functions. The input amplifier feeds an output transformer followed by a 600 ohm T-pad attenuator, allowing you to drive the input stage and transformer to get the right amount of gain and growl. A post-attenuator "mic pre" out is available.

The equalizer is a three-band, sweepable frequency design using three discrete op amps and a second output transformer. Inspired by a late seventies console that became a cult classic, our spin takes the design to a whole new level. Each band features 15 dB of boost or cut. A balanced +4 dBu nominal insert point is available post-EQ.

Finally, a balanced input stage feeds a "fader" with 12 dB of gain "in hand" followed by a console style discrete line amplifier, and -- you guessed it -- another output transformer.

The input gain, attenuator, and fader knob give a massive range of sonic possibilities, and with seven op amps and four transformers you'll never want for massive mojo. This is Iron Age at its finest!



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