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supporting the SoundWorkshop 1280 recording console

There are a few of these consoles out there and some are in need of love and attention.

We have worked on a handful of consoles that needed from basic cleaning and replacing capacitors to complete overhauls including component upgrades such as power supplies and adding actively amplified stereo bus channels.

We are starting to create videos explaining what we usually find when we inspect a 1280 and what we do, follow us on our you tube channel!

We'll support you on any custom project/idea you have.

Check out our projects below.


adding a fuse and a worthy power cable with a ground pin


complete strip down 


cleaning out dirty faders


new power supply and +48V phantom power


adding summing bus and stereo channels

1280b I_O Module Layout

replacing electrolytic capacitors


replacing RCA with TRS jacks

If your heart desires something we have not done before, please contact us, we'd love to help.